Ready your Starship, Captains.

A new mission is upon us.

starship exchange

01. Ready your strategy

On September 27th you’ll be met with a choice. Will you keep your Constitution or Constitution Refit? Or will you decommission it for two Starships from the other four classes: Class III, Miranda, Oberth, and Soyuz? Each Starship class is unique and commissioned to fulfill specific roles within the Star Trek™ universe. Learn about each Starship to start formulating your strategy.

As we venture deeper into the metaverse, each Captain will be called to assemble their crew and complete missions. What strategy – and Starships – will help you achieve greatness?

02. Diversify your fleet

Your mission has arrived. Before you boldly go, you must decide to stay the course or diversify your fleet. On September 27th journey to the Missions page to decommission your Constitution or Constitution Refit. Once decommissioned, you will say goodbye to your original Starship forever. In its place you will acquire two Fleet Packs, each containing one of the four remaining Starships.

There are only 1,119 missions available. In the first hour, each Captain will be able to decommission a max of one Starship. Once the hour has expired, Captains will be free to decommission as many Starships as desired until the 1,119 spots have all been claimed. 

Captain’s Note: On this day, Starships will be available to withdraw to a third party wallet or marketplace, like OpenSea.

03. Boldly go

Once all 1,119 spots have been claimed and the mission is complete, we’ll set our sights on the future. 

Your journey is only just beginning, Captains. Crew members and new missions are on the horizon. Explore uncharted territories of the Star Trek™ Continuum to earn rare NFTs and more.


What is the Star Trek™ Continuum?

Star TrekContinuum is the first Star Trek™ NFT experience Powered by RECUR. It will unfold over multiple seasons across several years and is securely stored, verified, and managed on the blockchain. Explore the Star Trek universe as a Captain by collecting unique Starships and building your very own fleet. Every Starship is uniquely generated, meaning no Starships are identical to one another. There are six Starship classes with thousands of combinations, ensuring your fleet is unique for your explorations into the final frontier.

How do I sign up for an account?

Star Trek™ Continuum is Powered by RECUR.

If you already have a RECUR account, you can log in using your existing information. There is no benefit to having multiple accounts. If you don’t have an existing RECUR account, you can create one on or any other Powered by RECUR experience.

What is the roadmap for Star Trek™ Continuum?

While Season 0 of Star Trek™ Continuum provides you with a Starship, Season 1 will allow you to collect crew members to fill your bridge with the best crew possible. All Starship owners will be rewarded with 1 crew member. So get your Starship, buckle up, and prepare to beam up your first teammate. Season 1 is also when missions ramp up, rewarding success with new, exclusive digital collectibles. From there, Star Trek™ Continuum will take you deep into the galaxy where you will be able to collect new planets, new species, new characters, and discover new frontiers of fandom. Build your fleet and dare to explore the final frontier.

How was this mission decided?

After we capped the number of Star Trek™ Continuum Starships at 10,000 back in May the community voted on how the remaining 1,119 Starships would best be utilized. They decided on the mission we now face: decommission a Constitution or Constitution Refit for two Starships from the other four classes: Class III, Miranda, Oberth, and Soyuz.

Can I withdraw my Starships?

Starting on September 27th, Starships will be able to be withdrawn from your RECUR account to a third party wallet or marketplace like OpenSea.

How do you ensure the NFTs are eco-sustainable?

All RECUR mints begin using an eco-friendly, proof-of-stake layer-2 blockchain called Polygon. Proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchains and layer-2 scaling solutions drastically minimize the environmental impact of blockchain usage, producing a small fraction of the emissions Proof-of-work (PoW) blockchains produce. Additionally, RECUR has and continues to invest in carbon offset credits to help manage the carbon footprint from our work.

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